How to Make the Most of Your Time at College

One thing many people regret when finishing college is that they didn’t make the most out of their experience. This can be from taking part in more opportunities or wishing they completed work faster.

There are so many opportunities to be had at Gateshead College, you just have to make sure you check your emails or just ask your teacher if anything is going on. There’s plenty of work experience, events, trips and more. Get involved in the student union and join Northern Stars, there’s so many opportunities there! Most of them you can get your friends involved with too, so you’re never alone.

There are many times I’ve had great experiences through just simply saying ‘yes’ instead of no. Those yes opportunities have led to more and more, which is why I ended up having such a positive time during my two years of College - and even after I’ve finished I just continue getting amazing opportunities, like writing this blog! It’s so important to make use of what’s in front of you, and go out and get what you want. Your dreams don’t always have to be just a dream.

Sometimes making the most out of your college experience isn’t just about academic opportunities, it can be about making new friendships, having life experiences and overall just enjoying yourself and your course! Many of you will be turning 18, learning to drive and getting your first car, having your first proper relationship. These are things we remember in college and that stay with us for the rest of our lives. Get out there, socialise. Make new friends and chat to people! It wasn’t until my second year that I made lots of new friends as the two business classes merged, and I’m so glad I did. You meet friends of friends, who then become your own.

Looking back on college, it’s nostalgic. The times I remember are the ones where I’m laughing with my friends, going out after college, walking to the Quayside for my lunch in the summer. It’s all about making memories and preparing yourself for your future ahead of you. Make the most of it! 

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