Accessibility Statement

Our commitment to accessibility

We are committed to web site accessibility for all our users and we have a programme of continual improvement in place to help us meet our objective of 100 percent accessibility for all users.

Access key enabled

Access keys allow you to move around the main areas of the site without using a mouse.

Press the ALT key (Windows) or the Control key (Mac) and the appropriate letter key to jump to the link, and then Return to activate the link.

Firefox users must enable access keys by first pressing F7 then navigating by using ALT + access key (no need to press ENTER).

Access keys for Windows (use the Control key for the Mac).

  • ALT + 0 - Home
  • ALT + 1 - 6th Form
  • ALT + 2 - Adult
  • ALT + 3 - HE
  • ALT + 4 - Apprenticeships
  • ALT + 5 - Services to Business
  • ALT + 6 - Corporate Info

Access keys may not work at all, or may work differently, depending on the browser you are using.

Tab key enabled

You can also you use your tab key to navigate.