Advanced Hair Artistry and Styling Level 3

Start Date

Mon Sep 02 2024

Day / Time



1 year


Baltic Campus

Advanced Hair Artistry and Styling Level 3

Are you passionate about hairstyling and eager to make your mark in the vibrant world of hairdressing? Do you aspire to collaborate with industry professionals and showcase your creativity through cutting-edge techniques and styles? With dedication, enthusiasm, and the right training, you can turn your hairstyling dreams into a successful career!

Join our professional team at our state-of-the-art salon Botanica and immerse yourself in our comprehensive training programme designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the hairdressing industry.

Join us at Botanica and take the first step towards a rewarding career in advanced hairdressing. Enrol in our programme today and unlock your potential as a skilled and confident hairstylist, ready to make your mark in the exciting and ever-evolving world of hairdressing!

Here's what you'll learn in our advanced hairdressing programme:

  • Working with Colleagues in Hairdressing Related Industries
    Learn the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the hairdressing industry, building strong relationships with colleagues and understanding the broader landscape of hairdressing-related industries.
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Health and Safety Practice in the Salon
    Prioritize the safety of clients and staff with comprehensive training on health and safety protocols, ensuring a secure and comfortable salon environment.
  • Promoting and Selling Products and Services to Clients
    Master the art of product and service promotion, learning effective sales techniques to enhance client satisfaction and boost salon revenue.
  • Cutting Techniques
    Develop your cutting skills, mastering a variety of techniques to create versatile and stylish haircuts that cater to the unique needs and preferences of diverse clientele.
  • Advanced Colour Correction
    Delve into the world of advanced colour correction, learning techniques to correct and enhance hair colour, achieving stunning and natural-looking results.
  • Creative Long Hair and Bridal Styling
    Explore the art of creative long hair and bridal styling, mastering techniques to create elegant and intricate hairstyles that capture the essence of bridal beauty and sophistication.
  • Creative Hair Extensions
    Learn the art of creative hair extensions, mastering techniques to add length, volume, and dimension to hair, offering clients personalized and transformative hair enhancement solutions.

Baltic Campus