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Careers finder quiz

We understand that you may not have the foggiest where your skills and interests can be applied within the world of work. Deciding what to study isn’t always easy, that’s why we’ve devised a quick quiz to point you in the right direction. Complete the six questions below to find a career we think you’re perfect for and the course that will get you there.

Slide the scale to the left or right depending on how much you agree or disagree with the given activity.


Work hands-on with objects, machines, tools, plants, or animals; Work and play outside; Use your physical or athletic abilities. On a scale between No thanks. and I'm in!

No thanks. I'm in!

Observe, learn, analyse, evaluate, or solve problems; Question and explore physical, biological, or cultural happenings. On a scale between Maybe not. and Totally!

Maybe not. Totally!

Express yourself creatively; Use imagination or intuition; Feel free to be inventive without limits. On a scale between Not so much. and Love it!

Not so much. Love it!

Inform, enlighten, help, teach, counsel, or cure people; Use your skills with words to serve people. On a scale between Maybe not. and Totally!

Maybe not. Totally!

Influence, persuade, lead, or manage; Reach your personal or organisational goals. On a scale between Nah. and Tell me more!

Nah. Tell me more!

Work with facts, numbers, and details; Follow directions to organise, plan, and complete a project or task. On a scale between Not me. and So me!

Not me. So me!

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