We’ve created this space for our business and travel students joining us. 

If you haven’t enrolled yet and want to study with us click here to find out when our enrolment events are happening.

We can’t wait to see you all soon.

Welcome to Business Level 1 & 2 and Travel

Welcome to Business Level 3

Your induction day


We can’t wait to see you on campus. Check out your start date below.

Course Date & Time Room
Level 1 Introduction to Business & Travel 6th September 10am 2-119 03
Level 2 Travel & Tourism 6th September 9.15am 1-113
Level 2 Introduction to Business Management 6th September 9.15am 2-119-02
Level 3 Business (Digital Marketing) 6th September 10am 1-109
Level 3 Business ( Leadership & Management) 6th September 10am 1-100
Level 3 Business (People Management & Law) 6th September 10am 1-112
Level 3 Business (Investment Finance & Accounting) 6th September 10am 1-109
Level 3 Business (Travel Management) 6th September 10am G-108

If you have any questions please contact start@gateshead.ac.uk.