Personal Stories

Emma Hawkins Emma Hawkins
Emma Hawkins

Emma Hawkins, 20, completed the PlanBEE programme this summer and has secured a full-time role as a Trainee Design Coordinator at Sir Robert McAlpine, one of the country’s leading construction companies. 

 Emma says: “PlanBEE has been a breath of fresh air for the construction industry. It provides real world experience to the future workforce and creates opportunity to increase the number of women within the sector. It gives everyone a foot in the door, men and women.  

“Because you get experience in every aspect of construction, girls are entering the programme with an interior design or architectural role in mind but finishing it wanting to be a mechanical engineer or surveyor - jobs often associated with men.” 

Jordi Morris Jordi Morris
Jordi Morris

Jordi Morris secured a position as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor with Bowmer & Kirkland.  

 “It’s thanks to PlanBee that I have secured this permanent position with Bowmer & Kirkland. While on the programme, I completed a placement with them and I knew straight away that this was the company I wanted to work for. 

“I’m working alongside a senior surveyor to look after the costs and oversee various property developments. This is definitely the role for me; I’ve always been good with numbers and planning and I love seeing a project through to its end.  

“For me, this isn’t just a job; it’s my future. There’ll be opportunities to progress onto a degree and, eventually, into senior positions once I’ve been to university and gained my chartered surveyor status. That’s my main career goal now.” 

Luke Oldfield Luke Oldfield
Luke Oldfield

Luke Oldfield is working as trainee site manager with Tolent after completing the PlanBEE programme. He is also studying towards a degree in Construction Engineering Management at Northumbria University.   

Luke said: “Plan BEE has given me the chance to learn about and try lots of different roles within construction and that’s helped me to land a job with Tolent in my chosen career. It’s given me the best start in the industry because when I’m working with other professions such as architects and surveyors, I’ve got a really good working knowledge of their job, what goes into it and what they need from me.”