T Level in Management and Administration Level 3

Start Date

Mon Sep 04 2023

Day / Time


2 years


Baltic Campus

T Level in Management and Administration Level 3

Do you see yourself as a future leader? Want to develop skills demanded by employers? If so, then this course could be for you.

You will learn how to manage a successful business by developing your knowledge and skills in areas such as people management, finance and business behaviours. You’ll get to practice what you have learned too, by attending fortnightly board meetings, taking on the role of different board members to solve business issues.

In the first year, you’ll develop an understanding of a broad range of issues relevant to the business sector, including:

Business context - you’ll explore organisational cultures and values, the role of both internal and external stakeholders, different forms of governance and the impact of organisations on society and the environment.

Project and change management – understanding change management theories and models are an essential part of working in business and will help you to support and improve projects in the workplace. This is an in-demand skill area.

Business behaviours – you’ll gain an understanding of the importance of good communication and how to adapt styles for different purposes, methods and audiences.

Quality and compliance – you’ll learn about the importance of maintaining and improving quality in all aspects of public and private sector organisations to satisfy consumers and public needs in an efficient and legal way.

At the end of the delivery of the core content, you’ll put everything you have learned into practice by working on an employer set project. The employer-set project will consist of a well-defined, real industry-style brief.

In the second year you’ll complete an occupational specialism in Team Leadership and Management along with a comprehensive work experience placement.  

A unique part of a T Level is the time students spend on an industry placement (minimum of 315 hours/ around 45 days) or around 20% of your course. This gives you an invaluable opportunity to put your new knowledge and skills into practice and understand the world of work.

Baltic Campus