T Level in Healthcare Science

Start Date

Mon Sep 02 2024

Day / Time


2 years


Baltic Campus

T Level in Healthcare Science

The T Level qualification is an exciting brand new two year full-time course which has been designed in partnership with businesses and employers to give you the knowledge and skills to support you move into an exciting career in healthcare which is the UK’s largest employment sector.

We are committed to ensuring you are ahead of the jobs market when you leave us and we will provide the knowledge and skills needed to work in the health sector through a minimum of 45 days industry placement.

This will be aligned to your career aspirations identified in your career plan.

During you studies, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of subjects relevant to healthcare science and working in that sector.

You will learn and develop your skills by using a range of exciting and innovative teaching and learning methods including projects, presentations, displays and innovative use of VR bringing your curriculum experience alive.

You will learn about working in the healthcare science sector including health, safety and environmental regulations, and principles of good scientific and clinical practice.

You'll study core science concepts including the structure of cells, tissues and large molecules, genetics, microbiology and immunology

You will also explore a diverse range of job roles and occupational areas working in health & science settings which may include up to two different employers to widen your experience of different services and sectors.

Throughout the course, you'll develop the necessary skills and knowledge to show any potential employers that you have the right attitude, work ethic and high standards that would be an asset to any organisation.

At the end of the course you will have developed an industry relevant portfolio of evidence.

Baltic Campus