T Level in Early Years Education and Child Care

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Fri Sep 10 2021

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2 years


Baltic Campus

T Level in Early Years Education and Child Care

The T Level qualification is an exciting brand new two year full-time course which has been designed in partnership with businesses and employers that is aimed to give you the knowledge and skills to support you move into a career in early years and childcare or schools.

As a college we are committed to ensuring you are ahead of the jobs market when you leave us and we will provide the knowledge and skills needed when working under supervision with children and young people through a minimum 750 hours of industry placement.

You will undertake a high quality, structured and outcomes-focused industry placements which is an integral part of the new T Level programme. The industry placement will be aligned to your career aspirations identified in your career plan which will be 750 hours and could include up to two employers.

High quality industry placements have clear role descriptions from employers in advance of the placement taking place which you will undertake an interview prior to starting your placement. Your placement will provide you with an opportunity to contribute to the organisation, develop a breadth of new skills to provide you with a valuable opportunity to personally progress towards your career goals.

During the theory and knowledge element of your course, you will gain an understanding of all aspects of a role as an early years educator or assisting teaching depending on the specialism you choose. You will learn and develop your skills by using a range of exciting and innovative teaching and learning methods including projects, presentations, displays and innovative use of VR bringing your curriculum experience alive.

What about after the course?
  • Primary and Nursery Education Teaching Professionals
  • Special Needs Education Teaching Professionals
  • Nursery Nurses and Assistants
  • Childminders and Related Occupations
  • Playworkers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Educational Support Assistants
  • Houseparents and Residential Wardens
  • School Midday and Crossing Patrol Occupations
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