T Level in Big Data (Digital Business Services) Level 3

Start Date

Mon Sep 04 2023

Day / Time



2 years


Baltic Campus

T Level in Big Data (Digital Business Services) Level 3

The T Level in Big Data (Digital Business Services) is a 2 year programme developed in collaboration with employers and businesses.  It blends technical learning with hands-on digital experience that are required in the digital sector specifically in the role of a Data Technician. 

This programme is a mix of theory, technical concepts and principles with on the job experiences during your industry placement, this will give you the skills that employers are looking for.

You will study concepts, theories and principles relevant to the skills needed in roles such as a data technician, machine learning engineer or big data analyst.

Your study will include digital skills needed in a range of business environments, how data is gathered, manipulated and analysed, computational thinking skills, a variety of digital systems, legislation relevant to the role of a data technician and how to ensure that data that is being analysed remains secure.

Baltic Campus