T Level in Big Data (Digital Business Services) Level 3

Start Date

Mon Sep 02 2024

Day / Time



2 years


Baltic Campus

T Level in Big Data (Digital Business Services) Level 3

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the rapidly growing field of data analysis?

Our T Level in Big Data is the perfect choice for you!

Developed in collaboration with leading employers and businesses, this two-year programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the world of data analysis.

Our programme blends technical learning with hands-on digital experience, specifically designed for the role of a Data Technician.

You'll have the opportunity to engage in a mix of theory, technical concepts and principles, combined with invaluable on-the-job experience during your industry placement.

This practical experience will give you the skills that employers are actively seeking, and set you apart in the job market.

You'll study a range of concepts, theories and principles relevant to the skills needed in roles such as a data technician, machine learning engineer, or big data analyst.

You'll gain essential digital skills needed in a range of business environments, and learn about how data is gathered, manipulated, and analysed.

Our programme will also enhance your computational thinking skills, and introduce you to a variety of digital systems.

You'll explore legislation relevant to the role of a data technician, and discover how to ensure that the data being analysed remains secure.

Baltic Campus