T Level in Architectural Design and Surveying

Start Date

Mon Sep 02 2024

Day / Time


2 years


Skills Academy - Construction

T Level in Architectural Design and Surveying

If you’re interested in working in civil engineering, surveying or town planning then this course is for you.

Our T-Level in Architectural Design and Surveying has been developed in collaboration with employers, professional bodies, universities and businesses so the content meets the needs of the industry and will prepare you for the workplace.

You will develop a strong set of transferable core skills that will equip you for a career in the construction sector or to go on to do a higher-level apprenticeship or degree.

You’ll explore the science behind building design by looking at different construction methods, design principles and processes and surveying and planning.

You’ll also study the construction industry and its role in the economy as well as the importance of sustainability, environmental impact and corporate social responsibility.

As new technology emerges, the construction sector is continuously evolving and you’ll gain an understanding of digital engineering techniques and the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Using mathematical techniques you’ll solve construction problem and make accurate and appropriate measurements.

You’ll be taught key principles for working in the industry including project management, budgeting and resource allocation, procurement, and risk management.

As well as studying essential topics such as health and safety, building regulations and standards, relationship management and customer service

Skills Academy - Construction