Level 3 Uniformed Public Services and Policing

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Fri Sep 11 2020

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2 years


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Level 3 Uniformed Public Services and Policing

Uniformed Public Services includes the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Prison and Paramedics. This course has been designed to help you build the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to progress successfully into a role in one of these services. This course will also be beneficial for anyone thinking of a career in Public Services such as Government, Probation, Court Services, Education and the NHS.

In addition to the uniformed public services course we are also running a police specific programme (NCFE). This programme is designed for those students who want to apply and join the police force through the police apprenticeships and degree.

The delivery team will consist of tutors that have been in the police, their vocational knowledge and experience will be a huge benefit to anyone wanting a career in the police service. The course will look to give the learner specific knowledge and an insight into what it is like serving in the police.

All units will be structured and related to the police, here are some examples of the units on this course:

  • Preparing for a career in the police
  • Physical fitness for the police
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Volunteering in the police
  • UK legal system and the police service
  • Emergency planning and response

Year 1 - Units are as follows (these units will be made specific to the police service for those learners on police course):

  • Unit 1 Prepare for a career in a chosen uniformed service
  • Unit 2 Develop aspects of physical fitness for entry to UPS
  • Unit 3 Develop leadership skills
  • Unit 10-Understand conflict management and personal protection Unit 07-Mental and Physical Well-being
  • Unit 12-Collaboration between UPS
  • Unit 11- The influence of UK Government, international organisations and the media on UPS
  • Unit 23- Volunteering in the UPS
  • Unit 13-Emergency planning and response

Year 2 UPS units are as follows:

  • Unit 4- Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Unit 06-Values and Standards
  • Unit 19-Understanding Discipline in the UPS
  • Unit 14- understand the impact of war and conflict
  • Unit 16- Skills for land based adventurous activities
  • Unit 09- Telecommunications
  • Unit 20- Uk Legal Systems and uniformed services
  • Unit 21 crime scene investigation
  • Unit 05- uniformed services hierarchy and routine.

Year 2 police units are as follows:

  • Unit 4- Equality, diversity and inclusion (specific to police)
  • Unit 06-Values and Standards (specific to police)
  • Unit 19-Understanding Discipline in the police
  • Unit 14- understand the impact of war and conflict
  • Unit 16- Skills for land based adventurous activities (specific to police)
  • Unit 09- Telecommunications (Specific to police)
  • Unit 15 Uk Legal Systems and police service
  • Unit 21 crime scene investigation
  • Unit 05- Police services hierarchy and routine.

You will also the opportunity to undertake some more exciting trips and visits such as walking up a mountain, land navigated walk, indoor rock climbing, orienteering and a survival expedition. There will also be lots of specialised guest speakers from various areas of uniformed and non-uniformed public services.

Sport Academies

You will have the opportunity to join of one of our nine sport academies, where you will get:

• Up to 9 hours of professional training each week, access to competitions and specialist sport academy coaches
• Free access to physiotherapy assessments and treatment
• The opportunity to compete in local, national and international competitions
• A personalised training and development programme

Academy sports available are: Mens Football, Womens Football, Mens Rugby, Womens Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Boxing, Athletics and Cricket and all academies can cater from participation level right up to elite athletes. All academy members will be given free Adidas kit worth £79.

If you do not wish to join one of our academies, you will undertake work readiness skills workshop designed to develop further your employability skills and undertake volunteering.

What about after the course?
  • Officers in Armed Forces
  • Senior Police Officers
  • Senior Officers in Fire, Ambulance, Prison and Related Services
  • Probation Officers
  • NCOs and Other Ranks
  • Police Officers (Sergeant and Below)
  • Fire Service Officers (Watch Manager and Below)
  • Prison Service Officers (Below Principal Officer)
  • Police Community Support Officers
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