Level 3 Software Engineering & Development

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Mon Sep 06 2021

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1 year


Baltic Campus

Level 3 Software Engineering & Development

This study programme is endorsed by Geek Talent and our Digital Technology Department are members of Dynamo North East and Digital Union. Whether you’re calculating the ball dynamics in FIFA, creating the next Fortnite or updating your latest status on Facebook or even modelling the office in the business you intend to set up, you need software. Simply put software runs the modern world we all live in, but software doesn’t create itself. By making use of real world projects using a SCRUM methodology and industry specialists you will develop highly prized skills and knowledge in a range of different computing subjects including but not limited to: Games Design and Development using Unity 3D Programming using C#, Python, Java and SQL Web Design with PHP Programming and AngularJS Database Development using SQL Robotics and Control Systems UX UI Design Valued by both employers and universities this exciting level 3 study programme is a great opportunity. So if you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, make your fortune off a killer app or create the next Call of Duty then this is the course for you. It will give you the opportunity to enter employment in the Computing sector or to progress onto further study programmes such as BTEC Higher Diplomas or to university.

Project Approach

You will work on a series of live projects set by local employers and adopt an Agile Methodology.  As part of a scrum team you will have opportunities to be a product owner, scrum master and be part of the development team working on a series of sprints throughout the year.

Project - Design and Build Interactive Websites

Have you ever wondered how the Webpages you view are delivered to your browser?  Your projects will answer these questions. You will gain the necessary skills to build commercial websites using HTML5, CSS, PHP, AngularJS and JavaScript.  Working closely with external clients you will use code to build websites from scratch using HTML5, AngularJS. Integrating design skills using CSS, you will learn how to correctly layout your website, delivering maximum performance and usability. JavaScript and PHP will enable you to add depth to your site and offer increased functionality and interactivity. Not only will you be learning the creative skills involved but you will also be paying attention to the fundamentals of UX UI Design. This will involve the design theory behind websites, apps and software. These sought after skills will give you a leading platform in the current industry and a much better understanding as to how websites are created, manipulated and maintained.

Project - Software Development

You live in an age where everyone uses a mobile phone or a computer and the applications that go with them. It is one thing to know how to use these applications but another to understand the logic behind them. This project will give you the skills to design and build an application that could be used on a mobile device or a computer. Working to a live client project, you will be tasked with designing a fully functional application, which will be both interactive and well designed. You will learn the skills to build this application from the very first line of code up to the functions and variables behind the heart of the programme. An array of programming paradigms will be taught using C#, Java, Python and SQL. For the leaders of tomorrow, there is perhaps no skill as important as learning to program. Why learn to use software when we can start to learn how to build it?

Project – Game Development

What goes into making a successful game? This project will give you the skills to come up with a game concept and make that concept real using Unity. You will develop a games design treatment and gain experiences on delivering a professional pitch. The game development unit looks at the impact of games on individuals and society before moving into production using Unity to build a real playable game with levels. This game can be tested using our Oculus Rift pushing the boundaries of virtual reality.

You'll also have the opportunity to complete accredited Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams in the following subject areas:

  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
  • HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Programming Using Python
  • Introduction to Programming Using Java

Work Experience

Relevant and high quality work experience placements, employer mentoring, commercial and vocational projects will help you to do this and are an important part of your study programme. Plus make an impression on an employer and who knows where that could lead.

What about after the course?
  • IT Specialist Managers
  • IT Project and Programme Managers
  • IT Business Analysts, Architects and Systems Designers
  • Programmers and Software Development Professionals
  • Web Design and Development Professionals
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals n.e.c.
  • IT Operations Technicians
  • IT User Support Technicians
  • IT Engineers
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