Level 3 Motor Vehicle Body Repair and Paint Refinishing

Start Date

Tue Sep 03 2024

Day / Time



1 year


Skills Academy - Automotive

Level 3 Motor Vehicle Body Repair and Paint Refinishing

This course will give you the skills you need to work in today’s motor vehicle repair industry, including the diagnosis of chassis misalignment, structural body damage and an insight into specialist painting techniques.

This qualifications is industry recognised and forms part of the Repair Apprenticeship significantly reducing any subsequent apprenticeship making you more appealing to employers. 

You will be working in our fantastic training workshops well equipped with industry standard resources. This is a hands-on course with a focus on practical activities and we maximise the amount of time you will spend in our state-of-the-art workshops.

Core modules will include:

  • Knowledge of Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment.
  • Knowledge of Support for Job Roles in the Automotive Environment
  • Knowledge of Materials, Fabrication, Tools and Measuring Devices used in the Automotive Environment

Specialist modules will include:

  • Removing and Replacing Structural Motor Vehicle Body Panels
  • Motor Vehicle Body Panel Major Repairs
  • Identifying and Rectify Motor Vehicle Body Misalignment
  • Motor Vehicle Body MIG/MAG Welding Techniques
  • Motor Vehicle Body Resistance Spot Welding Operations
  • Motor Vehicle Construction and Materials
  • Tools and Equipment used in Vehicle Refinishing
  • Working with Plastic Materials and components
  • Preparing Metal and Pre-Painted Surfaces
  • Establishing Paint Defects
  • Applying Topcoats and Completing Refinishing Operations
  • Vehicle Colour Matching

The units covered directly link to the current apprenticeship to providing students with the knowledge and skills required to progress, and be a successful contributor to an employer’s business.

You will also attend maths and English sessions and have the opportunity to improve your GCSE grades and gain a broad knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace and other skills associated with working in a garage giving you every opportunity to progress you career within automotive.

Skills Academy - Automotive