Level 3 in Policing

Start Date

Mon Sep 06 2021

Day / Time



1 year


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Level 3 in Policing

Do you want a career in the Police force? Our Level 3 Policing course at Gateshead College is the ideal next step in your education. This course is designed to help you progress towards a policing career whether that be a Policing Degree, Policing Apprenticeship or a job within the many strands of the Police force. The course is delivered by staff with experience within the police force, with the addition of guest speakers and fun and informative trips.

We work closely with Northumbria Police and local Universities to make sure that we prepare you with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours for successful transition towards a career in the Police. The qualification is therefore a mixture of practical and theory work, with the inclusion of case study research and problem solving activities.
Our specialist staff also work with Northumbria Police recruitment and therefore we can offer support for applications for Special Constables and the Police service.

What will I study?

Year 1 - Units are as follows:
¦ Unit 1 Prepare for a career in the Police Force
¦ Unit 2 Develop Leadership Skills
¦ Unit 03 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
¦ Unit 05 Develop Aspects of physical fitness for entry to the Police Service
¦ Unit 10- The influence of UK Government, international organisations and the media on the police service
¦ Unit 11-Collaboration between the emergency services
¦ Unit 12-Emergency planning and response in the police service
¦ Unit 18- Volunteering in the UPS
¦ Unit 21 Neighbourhood Policing

Year 2 units are as follows:
? Unit 04 Prepare for Higher Education
? Unit 08 Carry out Map reading across open country
? Unit 09 Understand conflict management and personal protection
? Unit 13 Understand the impact of war and conflict on the police service
? Unit 15 UK legal system and the police force
? Unit 16 Crime scene investigation 
? Unit 17 ICT in the police service
? Unit 20 The development of the UK police service
? Unit 22 Dealing with emergency Incidents

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