Level 3 Emerging Technology Development

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Mon Sep 06 2021

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1 year


Baltic Campus

Level 3 Emerging Technology Development

This course is endorsed by Geek Talent and is the only course in the region to be run in patnership with PROTO Centre for Emerging Technology.

Did you know the generation of consumer products is being built using virtual and augmented reality?  Do you want to be part of this?  Do you want to develop the skills to build the next version of Pokemon Go using Augmented Reality and GPS technology?  Do you want to build the next best selling Battle Royale immersive technology game? By making use of real world projects using a SCRUM methodology and industry specialists you will develop highly prized skills and knowledge in a range of different digital topics including but not limited to:

  • Programming using Python, Java and SQL
  • Immersive Games Development using C# and Unreal Engine
  • Develop Augmented Reality experiences using Unity 3D and C#
  • Develop Virtual User Interfaces for Voice Activated Technology eg Amazon Alexa
  • Create local and cloud based emerging technology solutions
  • Examine data sets using Big Data Analytics to improve business processes

Valued by both employers and universities this exciting course will give you the digital skills that are essential in the modern world we live in. It will give you the opportunity to enter employment in the computing sector or to progress onto further study programmes such as BTEC Higher Diplomas or to university.

Project Approach

You will work on a series of live projects set by local employers and adopt an Agile methodology. As part of a scrum team you will have opportunities to be a product owner, scrum master and be part of the development team working on a series of sprints throughout the year.

Project 1 - Infrastructure Technologies

All computing systems need an infrastructure to operate, these can be physical or cloud based.  Understanding different infrastructure technologies tops the list of skills needed by software developers. This project will develop skills in building physical and cloud based systems that will support the products that you develop in your other projects.

Project 2 – Software Engineering

Do you want to develop “Your Programming Mindset?”  Do you want to build your own Voice User Interface (VUI) for use with voice activated devices? Do you want to create the next top ranking mobile app? This project will give you the abilities to design and build applications to be used on a range of devices. You will gain skills in C#, Java, Python and SQL alongside the experiences in developing engaging UX UI’s

Project 3 – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality experiences bring to life the world around you; in this project, you will develop the skillsets that will enable you to do this. You will investigate the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) that is transforming the way infrastructures are designed and develop digital graphics and animations to be used in AR experiences.

Project 4 - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not only for entertainment purposes, it is now widely used from trainee fighter pilots to trainee surgeons. It allows you to take the risks safely in order to gain real world experiences. In this project, you will develop 3D computer generated immersive environments for a range of purposes that you can explore using out HTC Vives.

Project 5 – Big Data Analytics

Every wondered what happens to the data gathered using your loyalty card?  Retail companies use this data to predict trends in customer spending.  How does data analytics fit into the industrial Internet of Things? Manufacturers use data gathered to predict impending equipment failures and develop new revenue streams.  This project will give you the tools to be part of this exciting new development.

You'll also have the opportunity to complete accredited Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams in the following subject areas

  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
  • HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Programming Using Python
  • Introduction to Programming Using Java

Work Experience
Relevant and high quality work experience placements, employer mentoring, commercial and vocational projects will help you to do this and are an important part of your study programme. Plus make an impression on an employer and who knows where that could lead.

What about after the course?
  • IT Specialist Managers
  • IT Project and Programme Managers
  • IT Business Analysts, Architects and Systems Designers
  • Programmers and Software Development Professionals
  • Web Design and Development Professionals
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals n.e.c.
  • IT Operations Technicians
  • IT User Support Technicians
  • IT Engineers
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