Higher National Diploma (HND) Professional Performance Practice (Music Production, Music Performance)

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Tue Sep 13 2022

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2 Years



Higher National Diploma (HND) Professional Performance Practice (Music Production, Music Performance)

Do you aspire to run your own music label, studio or company or have a great idea for a music arts business or project?

Do you want to keep developing your vocational skill as an instrumentalist, composer, producer, technician etc?

Do you want to work in the Music, Music Production and Performing Arts industry but don’t know where you fit in?

HND Professional Performance Practice is a programme designed with our industry partners to not just develop your craft at the next level, but also to give you the opportunities and experience of applying your skills in a professional environment, ultimately with a view to setting up your own enterprise.

There is a perception that sustainable employment in the Music, Production and Performing Arts sector is based solely on chance – this is not the case.

There are many small to medium sized enterprises thriving, not only in the region but nationally, due to vision, drive and expertise. These businesses include  record labels, production or live sound/lighting companies.

We have spent time consulting with our industry partners to develop a programme that allows you to build on the skills you have, provides an opportunity for you to gain experience applying them in the real world and gives you the understanding to develop and launch your own business.

The qualification is structured under 3 broad areas for development:


Develop your personal practical skills at the next level, through workshops, masterclasses, independent and group work.

There are 5 specialisms to choose from across the 2 Professional Performance Practice qualitifications:

• Acting
• Dance
• Music Performance
• Studio Technology
• Production Arts


Whatever your specialist vocational area you will need to develop a CV through credible industry application of your skill. You will work on internal and external projects, producing work for potential employers from schools to the live commissions of industry partners.


Do you aspire to run your own label or maybe a dance/theatre company? We will enhance your entrepreneurial spirit and channel it into developing your own business model.

You will develop the knowhow to set up and sustain your own enterprise, from applying for funding to completing your tax return. Don’t consider your second year as your last year of education, think of it as your first year in the industry!

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