Higher National Diploma (HND) Games Production

Start Date

Mon Sep 14 2020

Day / Time

Weekdays (daytime & evening)


2 years



Higher National Diploma (HND) Games Production

Our live studio simultaneously delivers real world work experience and a qualification. You will have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals and use industry standard equipment to produce quality media products for various platforms and to contribute to stunning, exciting games and visual effects.

Experience practical and purpose-driven master classes, in which you will gain a broad mix of contemporary and traditional skill sets culminating in a comprehensive portfolio to assist you in getting a career in an exciting and ever expanding creative industry. The qualification will enable you to develop your transferable and high level academic, analytical and critical thinking skills. These fundamental skills will be key to not only your success on the course, but to your future career as a creative professional.

Year 1

  • Contextual studies and research techniques for creative media production
  • Practical skills for game animation
  • Drawing techniques for concept art
  • 2D digital graphics
  • 3D computer game engines

Year 2

  • Project design, implementation and evaluation
  • Special subject investigation for creative media production
  • Career development for the computer games industry
  • 3D modelling, 3D environments and 3D animation
  • CGI rendering and lighting
  • 3D character animation

What about after the course?
  • Programmers and Software Development Professionals
  • Web Design and Development Professionals
you could
Entry level

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