Hairdressing Techniques for Beginners Level 1

Start Date

Mon Sep 02 2024

Day / Time



1 year


Baltic Campus

Hairdressing Techniques for Beginners Level 1

Are you passionate about hairstyling and dreaming of making a mark in the ever-evolving world of hairdressing? With motivation, dedication, and the right training, the sky's the limit!

Join our professional team and be part of a growing industry of hairdressers at our state-of-the-art salon Botanica. Our comprehensive training programme is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive hairdressing industry.

At Botanica, you'll benefit from a curriculum that mirrors the latest trends and techniques in the industry, offering you a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. To boost your confidence and practical skills, you'll also have the opportunity to work one day a week in a salon, gaining valuable work experience and exposure to real-world salon operations.

Join us at Botanica and take the first step towards a rewarding career in hairdressing. Enrol in our programme today and unlock your potential as a skilled and confident hairstylist, ready to make your mark in the exciting world of hairdressing!

Here's what you'll learn in our hairdressing programme:

  • Shampoo and Conditioning
    Master the basics of hair care, learning effective shampooing and conditioning techniques to maintain healthy and vibrant hair.
  • Follow Health and Safety in the Salon
    Prioritise the safety of clients and staff with comprehensive training on health and safety protocols in the salon environment.
  • Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector
    Explore the exciting world of hairdressing and beauty, learning about industry trends, career opportunities, and professional standards.
  • Styling Women's Hair
    Develop your skills in styling women's hair, mastering a variety of techniques to create stunning and versatile looks for diverse clientele.
  • Presenting a Professional Image in the Salon
    Learn the importance of professional presentation and client interaction, ensuring you make a lasting impression in the salon.
  • Plaiting and Twisting Hair
    Explore the art of plaiting and twisting hair, adding texture and dimension to your styling repertoire.
  • The Art of Colouring Hair
    Delve into the world of hair colouring, learning advanced techniques to achieve vibrant and flattering colour transformations.
  • Styling Men's Hair
    Master the art of men's hairstyling, offering tailored cuts and styles that cater to the unique needs and preferences of male clients.
  • Salon Reception Duties
    Acquire essential reception management skills, ensuring seamless client bookings, inquiries, and salon administration.
  • The Art of Dressing Hair
    Learn advanced techniques for hair up styling and dressing, creating elegant and intricate hairstyles for special occasions.
  • Create a Hair and Beauty Image
    Develop your creativity and showcase your unique style, creating cohesive hair and beauty looks that reflect current trends and client preferences.

Baltic Campus