Creative Hair and Media Make-up for the TV and Film Industries

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Wed Sep 11 2024

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Creative Hair and Media Make-up for the TV and Film Industries

As the TV and film industries continue to expand in the North East region, the demand for skilled professionals in hair and media makeup is reaching new heights.

This course is designed to equip aspiring makeup artists and hairstylists with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic and growing industry.

Through a comprehensive curriculum blending theory with practical application, students will learn the latest techniques, trends, and tools used in the field of hair and media makeup.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide a solid foundation in fundamental makeup principles, including colour theory, facial anatomy, and skin types.
  • Develop proficiency in a variety of hairstyling techniques, such as period styles, contemporary looks, and character-based designs.
  • Explore the role of makeup and hairstyling in different media formats, including television, film, advertising, and photographic shoots.
  • Learn industry-specific skills, such as continuity makeup, casualty makeup, and working with high-definition cameras.
  • Gain hands-on experience through practical workshops, demonstrations, and simulated industry scenarios.
  • Stay updated on emerging trends, technologies, and practices shaping the future of hair and media makeup in the industry.
  • Collaboration, both internally and externally in TV & Film, photography and performing arts

Here's what you'll learn in our beauty programme:

  • Apply Make-up
    Master the art of makeup application, learning techniques to create flawless and customised looks that enhance natural beauty and cater to diverse client preferences.
  • Provide Eyelash and Brow Treatments
    Learn the art of eyelash and brow treatments, mastering techniques to enhance and define clients' eye features, creating stunning and expressive results.
  • Create an Image Based on a Theme within the Hair and Beauty Sector
    Explore your creativity and storytelling abilities, learning how to conceptualise and execute themed beauty looks that captivate and inspire.
  • The Art of Photographic Make-up
    Delve into the world of photographic makeup, mastering techniques to create camera-ready looks that photograph beautifully under various lighting conditions.
  • Body Art Design
    Unleash your artistic flair with body art design, learning how to create intricate and expressive designs that showcase your creativity and imagination.
  • Apply Skin Tanning Techniques
    Learn the art of skin tanning, mastering techniques to achieve natural and even tanning results that enhance clients' confidence and appearance.
  • The Art of Colouring Hair
    Explore the world of hair colouring, learning advanced techniques to achieve vibrant and personalised colour transformations that complement your makeup and styling skills.
  • The Art of Dressing Hair
    Develop your hairdressing skills, learning how to create elegant and intricate hairstyles that elevate your makeup and body art designs.
  • Make and Style a Hair Addition
    Master the art of creating and styling hair additions, offering clients versatile and transformative hair enhancement solutions.
  • Apply Casualty Makeup
    Dive into the world of special effects makeup, learning techniques to create realistic and dramatic casualty makeup looks for film, theatre, and special events.

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