Business (People Management and Law) Level 3

Start Date

Mon Sep 02 2024

Day / Time



1 year


Baltic Campus

Business (People Management and Law) Level 3

Do you love getting the best out of people, can spot talent from a mile away or wonder what makes people tick? If so, then a career in human resources or law could be for you.

Discovering new talent, developing people and working within legal guidelines are all sought after skills in the world of business.

Attention to detail is vital, you will learn what you need to do to comply with employment law as well as gaining an insight into criminal law.

You will hear from judges, magistrates and other professionals in addition to attending the court room and conducting mock trials.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career in human resource or law.

You will also have the opportunity to gain professionally recognised qualifications with the Chartered Institute of Professional Development making your CV stand out.

Exploring business

You will be exploring one of the top 100 UK Law firms, Ward Haddaway, gaining an insight into how they started and how they got to where they are now.

You will research how they innovate to keep themselves in the top 100. You will also learn the fundamentals of personal and business finance as part of this project.

Employer Led  Project

You will plan, and manage an event with one of our partners.

This project will push you to the limits, developing your communication, team working and project management skills.

As part of the project you will recruit and manage people to meet the objectives of the event.

Following the event you will analyse and feedback the performance of your workers to the client communicating lessons learned just like you would in real life.

Recruitment Exercise

During this project you get to gain an insight from a Human Resource specialist working in a legal firm.

You will then use this knowledge to work as a team to recruit for a vacancy.

You will also be interviewed by a law or HR specialist giving you the opportunity to practice your interview skills to gain that dream job!

Start Up Pitch

The year will end on a high with you developing your very own business plan which you will pitch to a panel of entrepreneurs.

As part of this project you will get the chance to attend Newcastle Start Up Week where you will hear from and meet successful entrepreneurs who will help you to shape your business plan.

Leadership and Management in People Management

In year 2 you will take it up a notch and start thinking from the perspective of a people manager.

You will study key principles in management in order to equip you to be able to make effective business decisions.

You will learn how to analyse risk and ensure your decision making is valued in your future career.

Final Project

Your final year will finish with a bang as you put everything you have learned into practice moving you into a different level ready to be snapped up by universities and employers.

Your final project will see you practicing your knowledge of law and human resource to put together a talent development package for a local employer.

You will pitch your final package to the employer, and who knows, they might take it on board.

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