BSI 1140 & 4872/ATA – AOM – 009

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BSI 1140 & 4872/ATA – AOM – 009

This is a British Standard welding qualification, this must have been issued within the last two years and quality assured by an organisation recognised by the IMI if it is to be used as part of an accreditation.

  • Demonstrate your skills in setting up welding equipment for both MAG and resistance spot welding
  • Demonstrate your skills and ability to produce a series of MAG butt / fillet welds in the vertical up and overhead positions to meet BS4872-1
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess MAG welds for visible defects
  • Demonstrate you can complete a series of resistance spot welds to meet BS1140
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess resistance spot welds for visible defects

This stand alone qualification also covers the welding requirement for IMI Accreditation and is a prerequisite for candidates wishing to achieve IMI Accreditation Panel Technician / Senior Technician.

What about after the course?
  • Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians
  • Vehicle body builders and repairers
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