AS/A Level Sociology

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Mon Sep 07 2020

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1 year


Baltic Campus

AS/A Level Sociology

Sociology is literally the study of society.  The place we live, the place we work, the place we call home.  But why is it so important, and why do some people find it so interesting?

Studying A Level Sociology at Gateshead College is your opportunity to delve into the complex and compelling world around us using expert and innovative teachers and techniques.  Where others teach to the text book and the exam, we immerse you in subject to the point where it becomes an innate habit to analyse everything you see and hear from a sociological viewpoint. Having excellent links with local organisations allows our students to experience knowledge from all perspectives; universities, law courts, and the probation service all help in offering an experience unique to Gateshead College and one which inspires students to go on and study the subject at university and beyond. A Level Sociology leads to a vast array of career opportunities from teaching through to social work, and equips you with the skills and knowledge to grasp your future goals with both hands.

Year 1 - AS Level

In first year you will study:

  • Education and Methods in Context
  • Families and Households and Research Methods

Year 2 - A Level

In your second year you will study:

  • Crime and Deviance & Theory and Methods
  • Beliefs in Society

What about after the course?
  • Social and humanities scientists
  • Social workers
  • Welfare professionals n.e.c.
  • Social services managers and directors
  • Youth and community workers
you could
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