AS/A Level Sociology

Start Date

Mon Sep 09 2024

Day / Time



1 year



AS/A Level Sociology

Studying A Level Sociology is your opportunity to delve into the complex and compelling world around us using expert and innovative teachers and techniques.

Where others teach to the text book and the exam, we immerse you in subject to the point where it becomes an innate habit to analyse everything you see and hear from a sociological viewpoint.

Having excellent links with local organisations allows our students to experience knowledge from all perspectives; universities, law courts, and the probation service all help in offering an experience unique to us and one which inspires students to go on and study the subject at university.

A Level Sociology leads to a vast array of career opportunities from teaching through to social work, and equips you with the skills and knowledge to grasp your future goals with both hands.

You will study 2 modules in your AS year:

  • Family & Households
  • Education & Research Methods

You will study 2 further modules in your A2 year:

  • Beliefs in Society
  • Crime & Deviance

Within these modules you will explore concepts and questions that relate to society today such as:

  • Does private education really make a difference?
  • What do we mean by intelligence?
  • Do teachers and schools make a difference to how successful individuals we become?
  • Who does what at home?
  • Why do boys wear blue and girls wear pink?
  • Why do one in three of all marriages end in Divorce?
  • Should young offenders be locked away in prisons?
  • Why are young, black and working class individuals over represented in the crime figures?
  • Is religion the drug of the masses?
  • Why is there such a fuss over women priests?
  • Is there a new age religion?

The raw material of sociology is the experience of ordinary people in ordinary, daily life.

But it is these very daily lives which can provide us with a whole host of clues in order to provide comprehensive and credible answers to these questions.

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