AS/A Level Physics

Start Date

Mon Sep 09 2024

Day / Time



1 year


Baltic Campus

AS/A Level Physics

Physics is a fascinating subject which builds upon your mathematical skills and your ability to think ‘out of the box’ to solve problems.

Physicists look for hidden laws to explain why all matter and energy in the Universe exists, where it comes from and how it behaves the way it does.

If you like asking really big questions, if you want to discover how things around you work, if you’re wondering about the forces which govern the Universe, if you have an inquisitive and curious mind, then Physics is for you.

Year 1 - AS Level

You'll explore the following:

  • Measurements and their errors
  • Particles and radiation
  • Waves
  • Mechanics and materials
  • Electricity

Year 2 - A Level

You'll explore the following core elements:

  • Further mechanics & thermal physics
  • Fields and their consequences
  • Nuclear physics
  • Turning points in physics

Baltic Campus