AS/A Level Media Studies

Start Date

Mon Sep 09 2024

Day / Time



1 year



AS/A Level Media Studies

This A Level in Media Studies encourages students to study the media in an academic context and apply the knowledge and understanding gained to their own media productions.

They develop critical thinking skills as they study the media in both global and historical contexts.

In year 1 you will study:

  • The Media Theoretical Framework
  • Advertising and Film
  • Magazines
  • Music Video
  • Radio
  • Video games
  • Long Form Television Drama
  • News and Online
  • Online, social and participatory media


A different set brief each year creating adverts for various different products.

The first three years have involved creating products for deodorant, food delivery and reality TV.

You will have the choice of creating these in print or video form depending on what you are most comfortable and capable with.

In year 2 you will study:

  • News
  • Newspapers
  • Online social and participatory media
  • Media Language and Representation
  • Music video
  • Magazines
  • Media Industries and Audiences
  • Film
  • Radio
  • Video games
  • Long Form Television Drama

Coursework (30% of final grade)

You will be given a brief focusing on creating a magazine front cover or a music video while also designing a website linked to these.

You get to choose what brief you would like to cover deepening on where you feel your skillsets lie. The options are print (e.g. magazine covers) or video (e.g. a music video).

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