Botanica Aesthetics Clinic

We're excited to bring you a range of aesthetic treatments. We have over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and we can't wait to be able to help you get the aesthetic results you want. 

All treatments will be provided by qualified aesthetic practitioners and they'll take place in our industry standard salon Botanica.

Explore our treatments and book in for a free consultation

All treatments can be booked in between 11am-2pm on the following Wednesday's: 

  • 17th January 
  • 31st January
  • 14th February 
  • 28th February

We'll book you in for a date of your choice during your consultation. 

More dates coming soon.

Treatment Price
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face by temporarily paralysing or weakening the muscles responsible for causing these wrinkles.
£115 - 1 Area
£145 - 2 Areas
£170 - 3 Areas
Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to rejuvenate the face, enhance its contours, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin.
£130 (each) - Nasolabial, Marionette or Lip
Microneedling is primarily used for skin rejuvenation and can address a variety of dermatological concerns such as pigmentation and scarring.
£150 - 3 Sessions
Skin Boosters

A skin booster treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the skin. It is often used to address various skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and uneven skin texture.

£150 - Profhilo
£80 each & course of 3, £150 - Seventy Hyal
B12 Injections
B12 injections can help boost energy levels, reduce fatigue, and combat feelings of weakness. B12 injections may help improve cognitive function, memory, and concentration.
Biotin Injections

Some potential benefits of biotin injections include Improved Hair and Nail Health, Metabolism Support, and Skin Health.