We’ve launched the UK’s first power nap bootcamp

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Businesses in the North East can reap the rewards of a groundbreaking new training programme aimed at boosting productivity and employee wellbeing.

Following a raft of research and testing, we’re pleased to launch the country’s very first bootcamp in power napping.

The innovative training programme delivers transferable skills which can be used across all industries and roles. The Power Nap Bootcamp has been thoroughly tested with college staff who have reported a wide range of benefits including improved memory and focus, better performance, higher levels of energy, reduced stress and improved night-time sleep.

Ivan Jepson, Director of Business Development and Innovation at the college, said: “In a world where productivity and wellbeing go hand in hand, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking bootcamp in power napping.

“This innovative programme is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and techniques needed to harness the incredible benefits of snoozing.

“When I first started talking to businesses about the idea of this programme they thought I was daydreaming. I’m pleased to say we’re now in a position to invite employers to sign their staff up and already have lots of interest from companies we’re already working with.”

The Power Nap Bootcamp lasts for three weeks and will run at any of the college’s campuses depending on employer need.

Modules include decaffeination studies, boudoir optimisation and Ovis aries accounting.

Learners will also complete practical elements such as nap preparation, breathing techniques and wake-up exercises well before completing a short assessment which culminates in the ultimate snooze.

Michelle Callighan is a healthcare teacher at the college who was one of 12 people involved in the research, testing and development of the programme.

She said: “You always hear the term ‘you snooze, you lose’ but actually what I’ve found from this study is there are so many benefits to napping.

“Since completing the pilot bootcamp and really understanding how to nap well, I’ve found I’m achieving a lot more in my work and home life and I just feel so much better in general. I’d encourage anyone who’s looking to embed snoozing for success in their organisation to sign-up.”

Anyone looking for more information about the Power Nap Bootcamp should register their interest here.

Sat Jul 13 2024