Martha's Blog: My first year in college

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Martha Foreman is studying Level 3 Business

Business student Martha Foreman tells us how her first year at college has gone so far.

Where do I start? When I stepped into the Baltic Campus on the first day, I didn’t know anyone, yet I was made to feel part of the college and my course straight away. With a classroom full of like-minded people and supportive tutors, I knew I had made the right decision to choose Gateshead College.

Yes it may sound cringy, but I was supported all the way through my first year on Level 3 Business by my tutors and new friends. If ever I was struggling with a part of my assignment or revision, my teachers were always easy to contact and gave me the extra push and insight into how I could improve my work.

Additionally, being treated as an adult was a huge transition coming straight from high school, and so I felt relaxed and able to be myself in the classroom.

Saying that, my tutors still had high expectations when it came to handing assignments in on time, contributing to the class discussions and gaining work experience.

My work experience has been the highlight of my time at college so far, as I’ve been given a massive career development opportunity through my Level 3 course. I’m currently a Marketing Intern at Elanders (an international logistics, printing and packaging company) which has massively supported my learning and career development, as well as enhancing my learning at college by putting everything that I learn into practice in the real world.

Something I didn’t think I would be able to say at the end of my first year is that I’ve been offered an undergraduate degree apprenticeship. Although it’s been hard work, I give huge credit to the college and my tutors for finding opportunities like this in business industries across the north east to help all of their students to develop and succeed.

Tue Aug 16 2022