Blog: Newcastle International Airport talk and tour

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I’m Connor and I’m studying Level 2 Travel and Tourism. My goal after completing my studies is to become cabin crew for a commercial airline. I’ll get to travel the world and make amazing memories all while earning a wage, I can’t wait to make this dream my reality.

Getting to visit Newcastle International Airport and meet some of the people responsible to successfully running it was an incredible opportunity.

We kicked off the day hearing from Kate, who is Head of Marketing and Communications and Rebecca, the airport’s Commercial Manager. They talked about the ongoing investments and improvements including the changes to security where they’re bringing in new technology to help screen travellers which will speed up the queues.

We also heard all about the fantastic passenger experience offered and the actions the airport is taking to help achieve their Net Zero Carbon 2035 goal. It was also interesting to learn how the customer feedback machines work in real-time so that the airport team can analyse the different factors affecting traveller satisfaction.

While we were there, we also toured the facilities and learned more about the different services like customs and immigration, which was a much bigger operation than I’d realised.

It was a really informative visit and I feel like I learned lots about the running of the airport. It’ll be a great talking point and gives me lots of background information for when I’m applying for my dream cabin crew role.

Sat Jul 13 2024