Latest Exam Information - 28th February 2022

Are exams taking place in 2022?

The Government’s plan is that if your course has an exam element, you’ll be sitting them this year. There have already been exams in the Autumn and Spring terms and these are scheduled to continue throughout 2022.


How will exams be fair when there’s been so much disruptions over the last 2 years?

The Government has agreed a range of measures for this year with the aim of making exams as fair as possible for you. They include:

  • Providing advance information on the focus of exams to support your revision.
  • Giving formulae sheets if you are sitting GCSE maths exams.
  • Changing the requirements for practical science work and practical art and design assessments.
  • For vocational qualifications, each awarding body was asked by the Government to look at introducing a range of measures to ensure you are not disadvantaged as a result of the pandemic. These adaptations vary depending on what qualification you are studying.

Your teachers know what measures are being introduced and will ensure you are aware of these.

When will advance information be made available for GCSE and AS and A level students?

Advance information on the focus of summer exam content for the majority of GCSE, AS and A Level subjects was published by the exam boards on 7 February.

The information will help you focus your revision ahead of your exams, giving you an indication of some of the content, texts, topics, themes and skills for when you sit your exam.

Find out more about the advance information by clicking the links below:


When will exams take place?

GCSE and A Level exams are scheduled to take place in May and June 2022, as normal, and the exam boards have now published their final summer exam timetables. Your teacher will advise you of your exam dates and you can also find these by checking out these websites:

Exams for vocational courses take place at various points throughout the year depending upon the qualification you are studying. This includes BTECs, T Levels and Functional Skills qualifications. Your teacher will keep you informed when these are taking place.


When will results be issued?

  • A and AS Level results day is on 18th August 2022.
  • Vocational Level 3 results should also be available by 18th August 2022
  • GCSE results day is on 25th August 2022.
  • Vocational Level 2 results such also be available by 25th August 2022


Are there any contingency plans?

The Government has said that the cancellation of exams is very unlikely, and there are currently no plans for alternative methods of assessment. They have however said that in the unlikely event that exams cannot go ahead, you would receive teacher assessed grades instead. The Government believes that this is unlikely to happen and would be a last resort.


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