Gateshead College is committed to providing our students with high quality resources, which support the organisations’ provision of both high quality education and outstanding real world experiences which employers demand.

Gateshead College expects its approved suppliers to share our values and priorities, and provide the College with high quality Goods and Services, whilst providing outstanding value-for-money.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Gateshead College, please complete our supplier form in full, and email to purchasing@gateshead.ac.uk

Click here to download our new supplier form.

Any questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) section below, or if your question is not covered in our F.A.Q section please contact purchasing@gateshead.ac.uk

Benefits of becoming a Gateshead College Supplier

Gateshead College procures millions of pounds of goods, services and works each year.  This provides our suppliers with a wide range of commercial opportunities.

Gateshead College suppliers benefit from partnering with the top performing College in the North East, our dedicated procurement department or other key College personnel keep our suppliers apprised of opportunities, and ensure regular and consistent communication.

By working with Gateshead College, suppliers know and benefit from working with organisation committed to key principals of being a responsible business and acting ethically.  Gateshead College has the following over-arching principals related to its Sustainable Procurement strategy:

  • Actively manage responsibility in our supply chain, working with our suppliers to understand and implement appropriate environmental, social, ethical and health & safety standards in order to reduce any negative impact on our communities.;
  • Treat suppliers fairly– establishing an open and honest dialogue, dealing honestly and transparently and honouring agreed terms of our contract;
  • Support local suppliers where we can.


No, Gateshead College will use local suppliers wherever possible, but only where those suppliers offer high quality and value-for-money goods & services.

No goods or services should be supplied without an official Gateshead College purchase order number, which are 8 digits and begin with a 3 (e.g. 31234567).

We cannot make an exception to this policy.

To help us process your invoice as quickly as possible, use the following guidelines:

  • Send your invoices in immediately after supplying the good or service, preferably by email to purchaseledger@gateshead.ac.uk
  • Always quote an official Gateshead College purchase order on your invoice, any invoices without an official purchase order quoted will be returned to the supplier.
  • Ensure descriptions, prices, quantities match the details on the official purchase order.  Any discrepancies should be reported to our Purchasing Department purchasing@gateshead.ac.uk before the invoice is submitted.
  • Ensure invoices have on them full business name and address, and VAT at the correct rate, if your business is VAT registered.

In line with Gateshead College’s Financial Regulations and EU Public Procurement Regulations, the College applies the following:

  • Goods and Services value less £5,000: Selection from approved suppliers
  • Goods and Services between £5,000 and £20,000: Tender process resulting in at least 2 valid submissions/quotations.
  • Goods and Services above £20,000: Tender process resulting in at least 3 valid submissions/quotations.
  • Goods and Services exceeding EU Thresholds: The College complies fully with EU Procurement Regulations, in relation to both the process and advertising of open competitive tendering opportunities.  The EU thresholds valid from 1st January 2016 are £164,176 for Supplies/Services and £4,104,394 for Works.

Yes, specifically with sub-contracting grant funded education and training services.  The College runs a EU compliant process of sub-contractor (supplier selection), coupled with extensive due diligence and auditing throughout the periods of contract award and contract duration.  For more information please contact our Purchasing Department purchasing@gateshead.ac.uk

Yes, Gateshead College work with the following: