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Welcome to Student Services. We're here to help on any issues you may face when thinking of studying with us, or during your time here as a student.

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  • Attendance Monitoring

    If you can't make it in - let us know! You can call, text or email us and we will make sure your tutor is made aware. Visit this page for full details.

  • Careers guidance

    We can help you with a wide range of careers guidance issues, including planning your next move, applying for jobs and university applications.

  • Financial help

    Gateshead College can give you advice on the grants available to you to help you come to College, so money isn't such a worry when you come to study.

  • IAG

    Our Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Centre can give you information on all of our courses, how to enrol and what services and facilities are available to you as a student.

  • Learning Support Service

    We welcome the introduction of the Equality Act 2010, and we are committed to meeting all of its requirements.

    If you need extra support at College, our Learning Support Manager is available to discuss your individual requirements and provide advice, including information about DSA (The Disabled Student's Allowance).