Student Services

Welcome to Student Services. We're here to help on any issues you may face when thinking of studying with us, or during your time here as a student.

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  • Term Dates

    Click here to see term dates for the year 2013-14.

  • Attendance monitoring

    Attendance Monitoring

    If you can't make it in - let us know! You can call, text or email us and we will make sure your tutor is made aware. Visit this page for full details.

  • Careers guidance

    Careers guidance

    We can help you with a wide range of careers guidance issues, including planning your next move, applying for jobs and university applications.


  • Financial help

    Financial help

    Gateshead College can give you advice on the grants available to you to help you come to College, so money isn't such a worry when you come to study.

  • IAG


    Our Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Centre can give you information on all of our courses, how to enrol and what services and facilities are available to you as a student.