Want an outstanding education for your child? So do we.

At Gateshead College we promise an outstanding education with real world skills that will help your child be outstanding and stand out.

We believe that delivering on this promise will give your child a head start in the race into the working world, helping them step into a job they want, not one they need.

Why choose Gateshead College?

We’re No.1 in the region.

With better success rates than any other college in the North East, your son or daughter is more likely to do well and succeed with us. To find out what makes us No.1 click here.

We want an outstanding education for your child.

Just like you, we’re only interested in the very best quality of education. Anything less than an outstanding experience just isn’t good enough for our students and community. As the only Grade 1 Ofsted Outstanding college in Tyne and Wear, we believe this makes us a stand out choice. Read our Ofsted report here.

We ask our students to work hard.

College isn’t an easy ride or a second rate option. We believe that nothing worth having comes easy and expect all our students to work hard, challenge themselves and be outstanding.

We’ll work hard too.

Learning is a two-way street and we’ll put everything we’ve got into making sure your child succeeds. We’ll push them when they need it, nurture them when they don’t and be their biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

We’ll deliver an experience as well as an education.

We’ll use our insider knowledge, our best in class employer partnerships, our creative minds, our commercial know how, our enterprising approach and our fantastic facilities to ensure every student gets an experience that plugs them into the world of work, as well as an education.

We’ll treat them as an individual.

We promise a learning experience that’s just for your child, designed around their strengths and ambitions and helps them to tackle the things they’re not so good at.

We’ll help them grow and grow up.

Along with a qualification, our students leave us job-ready with a CV packed with experiences and skills for life as well as for work. They have the confidence, positive attitude and strong work ethic to take on their next challenge, whether that’s university, work or an apprenticeship.

Not sure what type of qualification to choose?


A Levels

As part of Gateshead College Sixth Form, you can study three or four A Level subjects. You can also combine an A Level subject with a vocational study programme, such as business.

A Levels tend to be more academic and a traditional way of learning. With us, students will gain work experience. Students will have tutorials in each subject they choose and an exam at the end of each year.

Students who like writing essays, sitting exams  and a traditional style of learning similar to school.

A Levels are level 3.


Most of our A Level students will progress to university. Twenty-five percent go onto Russell Group universities; some of the best in the country.  


We offer a range of subjects across 15 different industry sectors. Students pick just one vocational subject. Fast-track to an apprenticeship option is available*.

More practical and hands on, vocational training equips students with skills in a specific industry or trade. Progress is assessed through projects and practical work rather than exams and contact with employers is frequent.

Types of vocational courses include diploma, NVQ, BTEC, City & Guilds, certificate and extended diploma.

If you enjoy practical, hands on learning and focussing on one  subject area.

There are four levels; entry, level 1, level 2 and level 3. Level 3 is equivalent to studying A Levels.

University, an apprenticeship or work.

84% of our vocational students go onto secure a place at university. Others will step straight into work, some as a result of the work experience placement completed whilst at college or go onto an apprenticeship.

*Fast-track to an apprenticeship

As students progress through their vocational course, we'll monitor the skills, knowledge and experience you develop. If they're doing well, they may be able to finish their course early and 'fast-track' onto an apprenticeship. Meaning they get the best of both worlds; they get to complete a vocational qualification and get paid on an apprenticeship.


Apprenticeships are a mix of working and practical training.

Apprentices usually spend four days in work and one day at college. They are paid a weekly wage and complete a collection of qualifications including a vocational qualification and a technical certificate relevant to the industry, as well as English, maths and ICT.

If you're ready to get out into the world of work and earn a wage.

There are three levels; level 2 or intermediate, level 3 or advanced and level 4+ or higher apprenticeships. Level 3 is equivalent to studying A levels and level 4+ can be foundation or honours degree level.

Students can progress through the apprenticeship levels if supported by their employer. Many level 4+ apprentices are qualified to step into management positions.

I’ve gained confidence, interview and work skills which have set me up for life.

Luciana Parker-Jones - Intermediate Apprenticeship in Vehicle Body & Paint

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, we can help. We know that helping your child to understand their options after GCSE exams is tough. At Gateshead College we have independent Careers Advisers who can help you and your child to understand all the options available and what the best route for them is, even if that means they don’t study with us.

For more information, come along to our Career Choice and enrolment events.

Yes. We hold an enrolment event every month and weekly events during the summer.

We also hold Taster Sessions for students to come along and find out more about our subjects.

Our Career Choice events are perfect for parents and students to come along together and find out more about all the available options after GCSE exams. 

We believe we offer a learning experience that is unmatched by school sixth forms. Our students enjoy a more adult environment which we believe better prepares them for their next steps, whether that is university, an apprenticeship or straight into work.

Our aim is to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, confidence, contacts, work ethic and positive attitude that will help them stand on their own two feet and be successful in whatever they choose to do next.

We know that this more mature environment may not suit all students but it doesn’t mean they are left unsupported or allowed to go off track. All our students receive a personalised study programme that is built around their personal targets and ambitions, have regular one to ones with teachers and have access to range of extra support should they need it.

No, college isn’t an easy ride or a second rate option. We believe that nothing worth having comes easy and expect all our students to work hard, challenge themselves and be outstanding.

And we’ll work hard with them. Our teachers put everything they’ve got into making sure our students succeed. They’ll motivate, inspire and challenge them to be their very best. 

Vocational study programmes are offered at three levels, so there is an option for every ability. Level 1 is introductory, level 2 is intermediate and level 3 is advanced, the same learning level as A levels.

Although we’re bigger than most school sixth forms, we have a team of experts on hand to offer one to one support to all our students with;

-          Learning difficulties

-          Physical disabilities

-          Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD or Aspergers

-          Mental health and well-being

There is a range of financial support you can apply for to help with some of the costs of coming to college. Click here for more information on finance.

If your child is under 19 on the 31st August before the course starts they will not have to pay tuition fees for most courses. However, if your child is aged 19 or over, they will be responsible for paying tuition fees for their courses unless they fall into certain categories where financial support is available.

Click here for more information.

Our campuses are all easily accessible using public transport. The 93/94 Loop bus runs between all four Gateshead campuses at regular times throughout the day and links each campus to Gateshead Interchange.

Each campus has its own car parking.

Click here for more information on travel and how to find us.

They can sign up to any of our courses online by completing the short application form. We’ll then invite them an invite to our next enrolment event where they can chat with a teacher, have a look around, find out more about their course. If they want to enrol, they can complete a learning agreement form to secure their place.

Or you can just drop into any of our enrolment events and go from there.

You are welcome to come along with them to the enrolment event.

We know that students don't always get the grades that they were predicted. The main thing is for them and you not to worry. They should still come along to an Open Day or to the Registration Day appointment that we have sent them. Our Careers Advisers and teachers will be able to discuss their options and advise them about other courses available. This may include looking at an alternative course or a lower level course in the same subject area.