Angel Anniversary Launched with... Angel Cake!


Gateshead College has given a whole new meaning to the term ‘Angel Cake’ as part of Gateshead Council’s celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Angel of the North.

Lisa Duncan, a Level 3 professional cookery student at Gateshead College, was given the opportunity to create a stunning cake inspired by Gateshead’s Angel of the North to officially launch its 20th anniversary celebrations.

“I’m really proud to mark this momentous occasion by baking the official birthday cake,” says Lisa. “It was a great opportunity to use the creative and culinary skills that I’ve acquired from my college course.

“I’m looking to start my own business as a professional cake-maker and this cake is a great addition to my portfolio.”

Alistair Gilchrist, curriculum leader at Gateshead College, said: “As well as equipping students with the real-world skills that businesses need, our learning programmes also give them opportunities to showcase their talents to prospective employers.

“The twentieth birthday celebrations were the ideal platform for Lisa to bring her creative talents to the fore.”

Gateshead’s world-famous Angel of the North celebrated its 20th anniversary on Thursday 15 February, 2018 signalling the start of a whole series of Angel-themed celebrations. The celebrations were launched at an event at the Angel of the North where some of the people who helped to bring the Angel to Gateshead enjoyed Lisa’s celebration Angel cake.