Leading body armour distributor helps students gain hands-on experience

Students completing our Uniformed and Public Services (UPS) course have benefited from a generous donation from tactical body armour brand SafeGuard Clothing.

The company has gifted Gateshead College with one of their premier bullet proof vests to enable students to grasp the necessity for safety in the line of work as well as understand the working mechanics behind the design and structure of this type of equipment. The donation gives Gateshead College students the possibility to experience a more hands-on learning process, where theory and practice are merged into one seamless process.

SafeGuard Clothing has made a name for itself as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of tactical body armour for the military, police, security personnel and gun enthusiasts. Such donations create unique opportunities to enhance the teaching experience at colleges like ours. The bullet proof vest will be used for role play and technical analysis to improve the quality of its UPS programme and educational practices.

First-hand experience of using this equipment will give students the opportunity to work with the sort of protective clothing they will use later on in their career.  SafeGuard's bullet proof vests perfectly demonstrate the importance of personal safety in the field of Public Services as the equipment is used in role plays and sessions on health and safety.

Thomas Bowman, Communications Manager at SafeGuard Clothing said: "We are pleased to partner with Gateshead College in the promotion of safety awareness for their Public Service course and the donation of one of our bullet proof vests aims to enhance the learning experience of students".

"We work very hard to embed an applied industry-based model in our manufacturing process; our continuing and strong collaborations with the Police, MOD, Fire Service and Ambulance services have really enhanced the quality of our tactical vests. Now, we have focused on sharing this knowledge with local colleges, so their students can make the best progress in securing employment in those relevant industries.”

For more information about SafeGuard Clothing visit  http://www.safeguardarmour.co.uk or if you’d like to find out more about our UPS courses, click here.