Uniformed services students try new body armour


Gateshead College students who are training for a career in one of the uniform services have been trying out the latest in body armour.

SafeGuard Armour, a supplier of body armour, ballistic helmets and bullet and stab-proof vests, has donated a sample bullet proof vest. The vest was donated to give all Public and Uniformed Services students the opportunity to gain practical experience with leading bullet proof vests, preparing them for real life security scenarios.

First-hand experience of using such police, military and security personnel level professional equipment will give students a unique opportunity to get used to the sort of protective clothing they will use when they embark upon their chosen careers.

The students have already put the vest to the test in their multi-stage fitness test.

Ryan Bewick is studying on the Extended Diploma in Public Uniformed Services and trialled the vest. He said that although it caused him to become hot quicker than if he were not wearing it, the extra weight did not seem to affect performance.

He said: “The vest is designed so that the wearer still has their full mobility and it’s really light so I didn’t feel that I was hindered in the bleep test. I think it’s a good idea to do some training in the vest because it will get us used to the extra layer and insulation”    

Derek Robinson, Lead Practitioner for Public and Uniformed Services, said: “Thanks to SafeGuard Clothing for donating this bullet proof vest. We can now prepare practical activities and give our students real-life scenarios to play out during their course.”

SafeGuard have operated internationally for more than ten years, providing more than 5,000 bespoke bullet proof vests to hundreds of police, security and military organisations across the globe each year.

Thomas Bowman of SafeGuard Clothing said: “Bullet proof vests such as this one save lives every day. We wanted to give students the opportunity to try out our products and gain vital experience in handling professional security clothing.”

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