Pupils glimpse tomorrow’s careers today

The group of four to nine year olds from Colegate Community Primary School have been participating in the master classes given by students from Gateshead College. These covered robotics, video production and mobile phone app and games design among other interesting topics.  

The classes are part of the school’s ‘Raising Aspirations’ project, which aims to inspire and motivate children by teaching them about career opportunities from a young age.

Head teacher Matthew Younger said: “The master classes have been a huge success. The pupils have been re-invigorated in their ICT work - many of our teachers have seen increased motivation and interest in the classes.

“Our ICT programme was also mentioned in our recent Ofsted report as being a very positive aspect of the school’s teaching and learning provision and there has been a considerable shift towards ICT work in the curriculum school wide.

“We now have access to equipment and expertise that we would never have had before. This is an excellent example of two education facilities partnering in a very positive and highly beneficial way.”

As part of the new partnership the school has asked students fromGatesheadCollegeto redesign and develop the school’s website.

Matthew added: “There are some excellent websites being developed by the students all of which are more up-to-date and user friendly than our current website. We are looking forward to the students completing so that we can name a winner.”

Jackie Dowling, IT Curriculum Leader at Gateshead College said: “At Gateshead College we are committed to engaging with schools, community groups and all members of the wider community to showcase the range of careers options that we have available here.

“We are thrilled that ICT has been mentioned in the school’s recent Ofsted report. ICT is playing an ever increasing role in our daily lives and career the opportunities are endless, by introducing these options at a young age children can view ICT as a potential career.”