Dame Kelly Holmes leads new mentoring programme at Gateshead College

Gateshead College has announced an exciting new mentoring and education programme, which will put its students firmly in the fast lane to sporting success and achievement. 

Launching this autumn, over three hundred Sports Academy students will join the programme delivered by Kelly Holmes Education, inspiring a new generation of sports champions to make it to the very top and be the 'best they can be'.

Since winning Double Olympic Gold in Athens, Dame Kelly has developed a range of successful Mentoring and Education programmes and the team will be working in the North East for the very first time. 

Dame Kelly Holmes said: "I'm really looking forward to launching our new programme with Gateshead College in September, Kelly Holmes Education is at the heart of my new career goals to inspire and educate young people, and this promises to be a very exciting venture for everyone involved. 

"The bespoke programme will cover a range of workshops for all levels from recreational athletes to performance athletes, to bring out the very best in everyone including coaches and teachers.

"This year is such an amazing year for British sport; I'm sure the excitement created this summer will carry through to our first sessions at the end of September and the momentum will build from there." 

Gateshead College's principal Richard Thorold said: "We're delighted to be partnering with Kelly Holmes Education in this exciting new initiative, which reaffirms the college's position at the forefront of sport education and training in the region.

"When developing our courses, we always aspire to partner with organisations or individuals who are at the very top of their game and who have first-hand experience to share with our students. The team led by Dame Kelly Holmes certainly more than meets these criteria.

"This innovative coaching and mentoring programme will benefit all our sport students. 

"Not only will they be inspired, motivated and empowered to be the best they can be, but they'll also have access to a top training schedule, which will perfectly compliment the individualised coaching we already offer at the Academy."

The programme will target three levels: Performance, Development and Participation involving Gateshead College staff and student's personal coaches. 

The content will cover five core areas; physical, physiological, emotional, psychological and social modules, ranging from pre-performance routines and lifestyle management to recovery nutrition, hydrotherapy and using social media.