Kelly Holmes Education returns to inspire North East students

More than 30 students attended workshops which were delivered as part of the college’s exclusive partnership with Kelly Holmes Education. Gateshead College is the first education provider to offer its sport academy students the unique opportunity to be mentored by Dame Kelly and receive a bespoke education programme delivered by experts in their field.

The workshops covered Nutrition for Performance, Interview Techniques, Circuit Training Applied Practice and the Secrets of Success, looking at the potential impact of Sports Psychology on performance.

Dame Kelly put students through their paces with an advanced circuit training session where she highlighted the real benefits of the training principles and its flexibility to cater for different sporting needs.

Sybil Ruscoe, who was once described as the ‘life and soul of Channel 4’s Cricket Roadshow’, brought to life the importance of effective interview techniques. Sybil has presented her own show with Simon Mayo on Radio 1 and the afternoon show on BBC Radio 5 Live. The students were put in the spotlight and supported each other to shine in front of the camera and tell their own personal story.

Lauren Briggs, 16, from High Spen, Gateshead, is one of the Gateshead College sport students on the Kelly Holmes Education programme and took part in the day’s activities.

She said: “I’m currently a member of the college’s Women’s Football Academy and it’s my ambition to go on to complete a scholarship in the USA when I complete my course in two years time.

“Working with Dame Kelly and her team was fantastic because it really boosted my confidence and made me more determined than ever to achieve my ambition. It’s was an amazing opportunity to be mentored by Kelly and be able to speak to her one on one.

“It was also really interesting to take part in media training with Sybil as it’s something that we will hopefully need in our future sporting careers.”

Dame Kelly  added: “The students have been very receptive and it has been a pleasure working with them on the programme so far. Circuit training is something that I have always been passionate about, following my nine years in the British Army and just recently I have completed the Advanced Diploma in Physical Training, which was a new personal goal for me.

“I believe circuit training is something that should be incorporated into every training schedule, regardless of your sport and level of performance. Hopefully every individual with take away some key points and specific exercises they can use to improve their strength and conditioning.”

Matthew Cole, a specialist in sports nutrition, delivered the Nutrition for Performance workshop and worked with students to create their own nutritional plans for competition and training days. The students also looked at the theory behind the recovery process and how sports drinks can aid effective recovery.

The programme is targeting three levels: Performance, Development and Participation involving Gateshead College staff and student’s personal coaches. The tailored content covers five core areas; physical, physiological, emotional, psychological and social modules, ranging from pre-performance routines and lifestyle management to recovery nutrition, hydrotherapy and using social media.