At Gateshead College we reward hard work and dedication, that’s why we’re introducing a brand new sport pathway which will suit anyone interested in sport, from those who just have an interest in fitness and want to play for fun, to those who are at the top of their game, playing internationally and need that bit more support. 

We have 3 pathways depending on your playing ability, with each pathway there’s a fantastic package of benefits. You’ll have the chance to move and progress through these pathways if you show us you’ve got the talent and attitude to succeed. 

We’ll push you hard and expect only the best but in return you’ll receive amazing support and encouragement from us.

Academy Pathways

Our academies are for everyone, so whether you want to join as a hobby, to keep yourself fit, or if you’re already a professional athlete playing at a national level, we’ve got the right level of support for you. We’ll work with you to identify what level you’re working at and you’ll be put on the right pathway for you.

The Keith Cann Evans Awards

If you’re an elite athlete and training on the performance pathway you’ll have the opportunity to apply to the Keith Cann Evans Award. This special award in memory of the former Vice Chair of our college’s Board of Governors, supports elite athletes with financial help for travel to college and heavily discounted or free training kit. You’ll also get extra benefits such as sports massage, physiotherapy, sport psychology and lifestyle management sessions. If you’re not on one of the performance pathways you’ll still have the opportunity to apply for support through the Gateshead College Foundation or other means tested bursaries.

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