Find your next apprentice with a Gateshead College Traineeship.

Finding skilled, work ready new recruits to be your next apprentice isn’t always easy. Many young people leave education without core English and maths skills and are ill-equipped for the demands and expectations of the workplace.

A Gateshead College traineeship aims to address these combat these problems, providing young people with the skills and experience they need and employers with a talent pool of work-ready candidates.

What is a Gateshead College traineeship?

A short, usually six month, training programme that combines education and skills tailored to your industry and business. At its core is a high quality work experience placement, English and maths qualifications and work preparation training giving young people the experience and skills employers expect.

What is involved? 

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What is the difference between a traineeship and an apprenticeship?

  • Traineeships are designed to help people who want to move into an apprenticeship or a job. Unlike apprentices, trainees don’t yet have some essential skills like English and maths, or have limited work experience. The traineeship aims to provide them with these.
  • Traineeships last anything up to a maximum of six months, unlike apprenticeships, which go on for a number of years.
  • Traineeships may also be unpaid. It is left up to the employer to make that decision.

Why do I need a Gateshead College traineeship?

Created specifically for employers, a Gateshead College traineeship addresses the skills gaps in young people who are trying to secure work or an apprenticeship straight after school, providing you with a talent pool of work-ready candidates and ensuring your recruitment is more successful.

Benefits of a Gateshead College traineeship.

  • You get to design a training programme, with our help, specific to your business.
  • You get work ready, skilled recruits for your apprentice intake.
  • Training costs are covered by government funding, meaning no cost to you.
  • You could be eligible for a grant of £1200 if the trainee progresses to an apprenticeship with you.*
  • We’ll support in the recruitment of trainees.
  • Great mentoring and management development opportunities for existing employees who support the traineeships during work experience placements.

What do I need to do?

Provide a work experience placement.

All employers are asked to provide a high quality work experience placement. This can be in just your business or in other businesses within your sector or supply chain that you have relationships with. Placements can be flexible and duration and the trainee will usually undertake some of the training programme beforehand.

Hold an interview

At the end of the traineeship, we ask all placement employers to hold an interview with the trainee. There is no obligation to offer an apprenticeship to the trainee.

Why choose Gateshead College?

  • We’re passionate about skills and training and the role we can play in helping our region and business partners to remain strong, competitive and grow.
  • Our training is tailored to your business needs. We work with you to understand your ethos, challenges and ambitions and design training packages and solutions just for you.
  • We have a 60 year track record of delivering professional and technical training that delivers results.
  • We continually develop and adapt our approach based, meaning it’s up to date and relevant today’s workplaces.
  • Our training teams are experienced experts who regularly return to industry to update their skills.
  • We’ve significantly invested in our training academies, making them some of the best facilities in the UK.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please ask us for more information.