Ford Engineering

Client: Ford Engineering

Brief: To design a training solution to build talent within the existing workforce as well as develop new talent for the sector as a whole.

Solution: A robust traineeship model that develops engineering skills and work ready individuals and a package of engineering training for factory floor, team leaders and senior managers tailored to Ford’s requirements.

A global specialist in high precision engineering and pressing of components for the aerospace, automotive and laminated products, Ford Engineering Group recognised its committed and highly skilled workforce is at the core of its success and that to uphold its reputation as one of the best in the business, continuous investment in employee training and development was vital.

They also strongly believed that in order to secure a skilled workforce for the future sector as a whole, they needed to have a hand in training the younger generation.

Using its expertise in engineering training provision, Gateshead College designed and customised a range of programmes aimed at preparing talented youngsters for the world of work, instilling a positive work ethos while equipping them with skills and knowledge in engineering fundamentals.

Complimenting this is a workforce development programme that will cater for existing staff, providing opportunities for up-skilling people working across the factory floor as well as developing the managerial skills of team leaders and other senior employees.

Geoff Ford MBE, chair at Ford Engineering Group says: “I’m extremely passionate about supporting young people and offering them the chance to have a rewarding career in the engineering industry.

“I’m delighted to have Gateshead College on board as we set out to relaunch the Ford Engineering Academy. They have been highly supportive from the start, taking a proactive approach to understand in great detail how we operate and then identifying training solutions for both new and existing staff that will help us to remain competitive and further increase the capabilities of our talented workforce.”