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Opportunities in games development are unlimited. It's one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields to enter.

The North East is one of the UK's major centres of games development, and home to some of Europe's most innovative companies, including Atomhawk Design Ltd (Pottermore and Mortal Kombat), Eutechnyx (Nascar 2011, Auto Club Revolution), and CCP (Eve Online, Dust).

So, if you're looking for a career in games, Gateshead College is perfectly placed to help you on your way.

Our Aim: To immerse you in the design, art, animation, development and production of games. The courses are structured to encourage the development of the skills required to create and sell awesome games, so you're ready to gain employment in the games industry or to run your own games studio. 

Designing the future: We have invested and will continue to invest in state of the art equipment and facilities, allowing us to start creating content and games for Sony Playstation 4, Xbox 720, iPhone 5 and the Unreal Engine. 

Not industry standard.... just industry: Alongside our award winning team of lecturers we have established the support of our industry partners Thumbstar Gospelware , Codeworks, and GameHorizon. Together we are striving to change how games courses and computer science are delivered in further and higher education in order to give our students the best chance of success when they leave us.

Our Network: All good designers know that knowing the right person is incredibly important. We take networking seriously, so study with us and invites to networking events in the region come as standard, as well as internal links with photography, Web Design, graphics and TV and Radio production.

Epic Games

We're an Epic games academic partner. Read more about UDK  here.

What our students say...

"The course has given me the ability to create things I thought needed years of training, from programming to advanced 3D modelling the course covers it all"
Jamie Ledger Level 3 year 1

"One of the highlights has to have been meeting the man behind Gears of War - Mark Rein of Epic Games"
Keith Wilson level 3 year 2

"I have enjoyed learning new skills and brushing up on old ones, the course has opened up so many new paths for me."
Paul Byers level 3 year 1

Industry Backing

"Gateshead College Games is phenomenal, never before have I seen a college create a learning environment for games that is effectively an industry real studio. Using tools and hardware and state of the art equipment that is in use in major studios right now"
Ryan Lewis Davies, GOSPELWARE

"You can't fail to be impressed with Gateshead College and the potential for learning it offers. From the industry standard equipment, to the talent and passion of the teaching team, it is clear anyone lucky enough to study here will not only get a great education but will leave with a clear understanding of how the games industry really works."
Martin Oliver, THUMBSTAR

"With the North East being a hub for games production Gateshead College Games is in a prime location to give the industry what it needs. Frankie and his team are striving to change the perception and the quality of games courses in the UK. The live studio gives every student an incredible start in the industry."

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