Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

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The hospitality, travel and tourism sector as a whole has grown rapidly over the past twenty years and is predicted to continue to grow long term. 

This sector covers a wide range of functions, most include the provision of food, drink, accommodation and leisure activities and range from catering staff and tourist guides to croupiers.

The sector employs around 1.9 million people in more than 180,000 establishments in the UK across accommodation, food and beverage services, betting, gambling and travel and tourism, and is estimated to contribute £135 billion to the economy. Every time you go out or visit a restaurant, hotel, pub, event or other leisure activity you are experiencing the services that this sector provides.

Companies range in size from sole traders to international organisations who employ hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Job roles range from tour operators, travel agents, chefs, bar managers, waitresses, waiters through to hotel receptionists, hotel managers, cabin crew and event managers. 

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