Course Type: Full Time

Level 1 Computer Technology

  • Course Code AAA0681
  • Start Date 3rd September 2018
  • Duration 1 year
  • Campus Baltic Campus

Our Computing Department are members of Dynamo North East - http://www.dynamonortheast.co.uk/ and Digital Unionhttps://generator.org.uk/services/digital-union/about/

From personal computers to smart phones, computing devices are an essential feature of the modern world. Technology may be changing every day, but the knowledge and understanding of how to use computers effectively is the same regardless of the technology being used. This new and exciting full time study programme is designed for you if you are interested in the Information Technology sector as a career choice, but as yet are uncertain about which pathway to follow.  You will be able to progress onto Level 2 programmes when you complete the course, and develop a wide range of skills suitable for working in any area of the IT industry. 

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You will study:

Solving Technical IT Problems

Computers play an important role in almost everything we do. If your computer or another digital

device stops working, it can have an impact on your day-to-day life and leave you with having to

pay to put it right. If you have technical support skills, you should be able to quickly resolve

technical problems.

In this unit, you will explore a range of computer external hardware and software so that you

can develop and apply practical skills to solve IT problems. You will explore different features of

external hardware and software and identify how they can be used and modified to meet users’

needs. You will learn how to identify and fix an IT problem for another person and will develop

your communication skills when dealing with the problem.


Creating a Website

How often do you use a website? Have you ever wondered how they are made? Websites have

many purposes such as to promote an event, advertise products or services and provide


In this unit, you will explore different types of websites for a specific audience and purpose. You

will learn how to design a website for an audience and purpose and will develop skills to create an

appropriate layout. You will use tools and techniques to add functionality, like navigation buttons

and linking pages, so that the website is appealing and easy to use.


Creating a Computer Programme

Have you ever wondered how computer programmes work when you use them? Computer programmes

contain sets of instructions (code) that are created by a programmer to solve a specific problem.

A programmer will use specific tools to write the code to instruct the computer on what to do when

someone uses it.

In this unit, you will learn how to write a simple computer programme using graphical tools for an

intended purpose. For example, to calculate the total in a bill or to create a simple computer game

or puzzle.


Your study programme

A study programme is more than a qualification; it includes all the ingredients to make you the best you can be, to give you an edge in the jobs market or if you’re moving into further study. It is personal to you and is made up of a range of activity. The majority of time will be spent on the qualification you choose to study and will be a mix of practical work and theory, all shaped around the technical skills and knowledge that employers are looking for. The rest of your time will be spent in English and maths, work experience, tutorials and reviews along with a range of other activities designed to boost your CV in some way. 


Mentoring Scheme

Along with this you will be part of an employer engagement scheme where you will work with employers from local businesses to help improve your skills further.  The possibilities with this scheme are endless, students have been given real-life projects to work on, visited the employers at work and been given opportunities to showcase their work. This scheme, along with our tutorial programme will help you become work ready as well as preparing you for the outside world with training on money management, help with job hunting, interviews and confidence building. 


Work Experience 

We want you to be job ready when you leave us and able to put what you have learnt into practice in the workplace. Relevant and high quality work experience placements, employer mentoring, commercial and vocational projects will help you to do this and are an important part of your study programme. Plus make an impression on an employer and who knows where that could lead!


Fast-track to an apprenticeship

You can start on this programme and fast track to an apprenticeship once a vacancy becomes available and you're ready. Sign up to our apprenticeship alerts and we'll keep you updated on the latest apprenticeship vacancies. Plus our team will help you write your CV or application and prepare for interviews.


About our teachers

Our teachers are ambitious, talented and passionate about making your experience at college the very best it can be. They have up to date industry experience to share with you and the energy and enthusiasm to help you to get where you need to be.


The place of study

You’ll study at our £39million Baltic Campus on Gateshead Quays. This academy is equipped with the latest learning resources as well as modern classrooms, the latest IT, relaxed social spaces, a gym, three places to eat and a Costa Coffee.

An interview is required.

How to apply

You can register your interest for this course online, call 0191 490 2246 or email start@gateshead.ac.uk.

Qualifications needed

No qualifications required

Required experience

We welcome applicants without prior experience.

This course is free to those aged under 19 years old.

Most people aged 19 years and over can qualify for free or reduced price course fees and there are grants and bursaries you can apply for to help cover the costs of coming to college, depending on your circumstances.

You can get more information at our Enrolment Events, by calling 0191 490 2246 or email us at start@gateshead.ac.uk

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