Course Type: Part Time,Apprenticeship

Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Warehousing and Storage

Warehouse and Storage operations requires all the elements of an organisation to working in synchronicity to deliver a product to the customer on time in the most efficient and effective manner.


The Warehouse and Storage Level 3 Apprenticeship programme provides a holistic approach to enabling your workforce leaders and supervisors to manage your Warehouse and Storage from the purchase of raw materials, to the operational management of parts to logistics and warehousing, through to the distribution of the final product to the customer.  


The nature of the training allows the business to  have input into the activity and material to achieve maximum benefit and output. This qualification is designed by companies for companies.


The framework is flexible and provides knowledge and skills for several sectors’ within a Warehouse and Storage operation. 


Ideal candidates are from the following background or work areas:


  • Operations management

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Warehousing

  • Transport

  • Distribution


    Employer Responsive Training


    This bespoke apprenticeship programme has been developed specifically with the needs of your organisation in mind.


    Programme Structure

  • 18 month programme

  • Flexible learning with minimal impact to warehousing operations

  • Approximately 10 days’ release time (to be arranged with the company for Functional Skills training)

Flexible modular approach suited to the appropriate sector.

A typical programme may include:  

  • Health, Safety and Security at Work. 
  • Develop Effective Working relationships with colleagues in Warehouse & Storage operations   

  • Make an effective contribution to a business in the logistics sector  

  • Lead teams to obtain information on storage locations and facilities

  • Lead team to pick Goods in Warehouse Operations

  • Lead teams to wrap and Pack Goods in Warehouse Operations

  • Lead teams to assemble Orders for Dispatch in Warehouse Operations

  • Employers Rights and Responsibilities

  • Functional Skills
  • Maths

  • English

  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Practical activities may include:


  • Risk Assessment of work area

  • 5s Audits (Workplace Organisation)

  • 5s Action Planning


Benefits to the Organisation

  • A “work ready” motivated and empowered workforce armed with the attitude, skills and knowledge to succeed within a modern Warehouse & Storage Operation.


  • A workforce with practical experience of implementing tools and techniques including:


    • Health and Safety,                                          Warehousing and Storage,

    • Inventory Management,                                Audits

    • First in First Out (FIFO)                                 Just in Time (JIT) Operations

    • Management of Material Rejects                  Workplace Organisation

Benefits to the learner

Upon successful completion the learner will achieve:

    • Level 3 Certificate in Warehouse & Storage

    • Employers Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

    • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS)

    • Level 1or 2 Certificate in Functional Skills

      • Maths

      • English