Course Type: Part Time,Apprenticeship

Advanced Apprenticeship in IT

This apprenticeship programme is designed for new entrants to roles in which they will be working with IT systems and software. The framework offers a wide range of optional units that the apprentice can study to match your particular organisational and job role requirements.

The apprenticeship is suitable for those whose main job role is to use IT applications in support of colleagues or customers in any sector or industry. This can include:

  • providing support and assistance to colleagues to make effective use of available IT systems and software
  • developing, testing and implementing solutions to improve workplace productivity through the use of IT
  • using the advanced features of IT Application Software in the creation and amendment of many types of formatted information including documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and presentations
  • maintaining simple websites, using the internet to find and exchange information.

Apprenticeship Content

There are three mandatory units plus optional units which you and the trainer assessor will decide for your apprentice, depending on their job role.

  1. Improving Productivity Using IT
  2. Understanding the Potential of IT
  3. Developing Personal and Team Effectiveness Using IT Unit 


Your apprentice will be taught through a combination of “on” and “off” the job training, tutorials and where applicable workshops.  Learning will be supported by an experienced trainer/assessor who can deal with problems as they occur.  Apprentices will be expected to work through some course materials under their own initiative, drawing on assessor support where required.


On completion learners will gain the skills and knowledge required to progress to further qualifications in areas such as:

  • Applications specialist
  • Applications support
  • In team super user
  • Personal assistant
  • Social media/digital marketing technician
  • Web development technician


Apprentices are allocated an assessor who supports them throughout their whole apprenticeship via in work assessments, 1:1 reviews, mentor meetings, advice and guidance.


This apprenticeship is an 18 month course.