Course Type: Part Time,Apprenticeship

Advanced Apprenticeship in Catering and Professional Chefs - Professional Cookery

We provide two models of delivery for apprentices; work based learning only and day release supported with work based learning.

Apprentices will spend one day per week at college for day release developing skills and techniques that will support your business' competitiveness and performance.

They will develop skills in:

  • communication to achieve the desired result of flexible customer relations
  • working with a positive approach to identify and deal with problems constructively to ensure a beneficial outcome
  • knowledge of legal requirements
  • inspiring confidence by maintaining the safety and security of your business at all times.

Apprentices being assessed completely in the workplace will also visit college a day per month for technical certificate delivery and tests.

Technical practical skills encompass all areas of preparation and cooking, including boning and butchery of meats and poultry, filleting fish preparing vegetables and pastry, soups and sauces.

We support the apprentice through all aspects of the apprenticeship and have regular contact with employers including reviews every 8 to 10 weeks.

Apprentices will also complete functional skills qualifications to level 2.