Course Type: Part Time,Apprenticeship

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Bus and Coach - Body

  • Day Weekdays
  • Attendance Apprenticeships
  • Time Daytime
  • Duration 1 year
  • Campus Employer Premises

This Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance knowledge qualification is particularly suitable for people who have recently begun employment as bus/coach body technicians, as it covers the knowledge and practical skills required for the routine maintenance and repair of body panels and components.  It is also the knowledge component of the Apprenticeship framework in Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance

To work in this field you must have good practical skills and the ability to use a range of tools and equipment and have patience as many tasks take a considerable amount of time to complete. You will also need to be aware of safety issues and the ability to work methodically while paying close attention to detail. You will need good communication skills to deal with your work colleagues and the general public.

Most body repair work is carried out indoors in workshops. Repairers are required to wear correct safety clothing such as protective masks, safety glasses and gloves.

If you enjoy working as part of a team and enjoy working on the vehicle itself, then you will enjoy body repair. In this area of the motor industry, you will be repairing damage to vehicles and returning them to a roadworthy condition. Your main tasks will include estimating body damage, removing, repairing and replacing damaged body components, using welding and soldering equipment, deciding on repair techniques, cleaning and preparing metal surfaces for painting and you may also help vehicle body builders to build custom designed vehicles.

The qualification includes the following areas, the understanding of materials, fabrication, tools and measuring and how to:

  • assemble of body components
  • and identify and repair damage to panels and components

Other skills that learners will have the opportunity gain knowledge of include how to:

  • carry out servicing
  • identify, locate and rectify mechanical faults in engine systems and components
  • identify, locate and rectify mechanical faults in chassis systems and components
  • identify, locate and rectify mechanical faults in transmission systems and components
  • to identify, locate and rectify electrical faults in systems and components
  • thermal join
  • prepare and treat surfaces and apply paint coats to panels and components
  • or conduct inspections of buses and coaches

Successful learners will also demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace and other skills associated with working in maintenance depots.

An interview is required.

How to apply

This course is free if you are aged under 19 years old.

Most people aged 19 years and over can qualify for free or reduced price course fees, depending on your circumstances.

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