Access and Participation Statement

Gateshead College is a highly inclusive, values driven organisation. Equality and diversity is firmly embedded in our culture, strategy and day-to-day operations to deliver fair and equal access to learning for all.  At Gateshead College everyone matters and we celebrate individuality.

Through the following, we aim to ensure no one is treated less favourably than any other and all feel included:

  • Equality and Diversity Policy. Our values express who we are and how we do things at Gateshead College.  Our core values are: achievement, excellence, partnership, positivity, purposefulness and respect. We expect everyone to behave in line with our values and we accept nothing less.  Gateshead College is fully committed to equality and diversity.  We recognise that diversity is a positive attribute that brings many benefits.  It is our intent to embed equality and diversity into the heart of the college’s culture and to embrace all of the aspects of a diverse workforce and student population.  The aim of our equality and diversity policy is to support that intent by providing a framework for continuous improvement and to ensure we work together towards a fairer College and society.  We will work to ensure that we move beyond compliance to secure excellence in all areas of our work.  /about-us/equality-and-diversity
  • Financial Support.  Financial advice is available to support learners in college as well as assistance with bursary and grant applications.  The Gateshead College Foundation is a subsidiary of Gateshead College and an exempt charity.  The Foundation provides awards to help people continue their education and ensure that students in financial hardship are not excluded from learning and experiences that enhance their achievement, progression and employment chances.
  • Health and Wellbeing Support Service. The college provides a dedicated Tier 1 mental health service for students, mirroring those services provided by local GP practices. Our Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator is a registered and qualified mental health nurse who has over 15 years’ experience in supporting children, adolescents and adults with mental health, behaviour issues and addiction problems.  High student satisfaction rates indicate that students feel valued and supported; the intervention helps to support their personal, social and emotional concern and fulfil their learning outcomes.
  • Careers Guidance.  The college’s Careers Team is staffed by fully qualified Careers Advisers who adhere to the highest standards of professional behaviour established by the Career Development Institute (CDI) and underpinned by a professional Code of Ethics. The Careers Team supports customers and students in applying to university and higher education. The team assists with the UCAS application process through a combination of talks, workshops and individual guidance appointments to ensure applications are to a high standard, giving customers the best possible opportunity of being accepted on their chosen course.
  • Employment Edge through Collaborative Working.  Working with individuals, business, community organisations and agencies to develop programmes and provide placement opportunities to ensure that the Higher Education provision meets the needs of students and helps them progress to further study and/or employment.
  • Specific Learning Difficulties.  Our Specific Learning Difficulties Co-ordinator provides advice and support to those that disclose a specific learning difficulty (SpLD), and have expressed concerns about a SpLD or has been identified by staff as possibly having a SpLD.
  • Disability Statement.  We have systems in place to make sure every student receives the same high level of service in and out of the classroom and that everyone’s experience of Gateshead College is a positive one.  Higher Education students with disabilities may be eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowance, which is aimed at helping disabled students to study on an equal basis with other students.
  • Analysis of the Performance of Students.  Participation, attainment, achievement and progression statistics are routinely monitored by managers and strategies implemented to ensure that students of different age, ethnicity, ability or other key protected characteristics are not disadvantaged.  The effectiveness of this work is evident from the high performance of all categories of student with performance substantially above the latest national rates (2016/17).